Comments from our competitors . . .

2011 Event - 45 teams participated, 7 US states and Canada were represented (Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia)

2010 Event - 80 teams participated, 10 states were represented (Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia)

2009 Event - 71 teams participated, 9 states were represented (Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia)

2008 Event - 66 teams participated, 9 states were represented (Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia)

2007 Event - 37 teams participated, 8 states were represented (Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia)

"Thanks for hosting a great event. As far as we know we were your first Canadian competitors and we thoroughly enjoyed your trial. Your set up of running order was very organized and easy to follow. You attracted a nice variety of levels of competitors which is very nice for new competitors especially. The venue was great-spacious enough for crating and competing. I really like the in/out gate set up as well. We hope to make the trip again next year!!" (SJ)

"THANK YOU! What a wonderful event! It really says something great when you can have such a high level of talent and competition, yet still have newbies like myself and many others feel so comfortable. Great people all around. We don't get to do many competitions, but this is the one per year that we'll never miss!" (TE)

"Wow! Now I'm really impressed! I sure didn't expect to see the results posted so quickly...very well done. Very cool how you condensed everything, yet still showed all the competitions, classes, categories and finishes. We had a great time yesterday. Other than wishing we had a second round of toss & fetch to redeem ourselves, were very happy with everything! On the way home we were saying how well things kept moving all day, no dead spots. I've been to competitions (am sure you have as well) where it seems there is as much wait time as there is competition. It was very cool how you gave out the first awards while lining the dart board, thus keeping things moving. We also compete in Flyball and I have always marveled at how much better run Flyball tournaments are than Frisbee competitions...until yesterday, that is. The brownies were delicious! We'll be back next year." (BW)

"Thank YOU! You all did a fantastic job and the event was a big success. Thank you so much for all your hard work in hosting it. We had lots of fun and look forward to next year's. Are you going to promise the same weather? LOL and please thank the site owner too for all her work. The site was so nice and the food was great. Congrats on a wonderful job." (LK)

"Thanks so much for a really fun, well executed and super organized event! We had a great time and even got on the road in time to make the long drive home on Saturday. It was made even nicer by being able to watch the Patriots game at home today. Congrats again." (CB)

"Thanks so much for hosting a great event! Hope to be there next year. Thanks again." (AM)

"Thanks for the great time! You did an awesome job!" (LO)

"Just wanted to tell you again how much we enjoyed ourselves Saturday. We are eagerly awaiting the next event!" (NK)

"Arctic Air was the first competition I had been to and I really had a blast and met some cool people! My dog has had a really rough past and I was quite unsure how she would do with the noise, the other dogs the close proximity of a lot of strange people, and she did great and I think it was because of the great people who were in attendance. She has a tendency to be afraid and shy but she was curious and rather outgoing for her! It was really an awesome event! It was a really encouraging day for me. I had a way to see where my training with my dog is and different things I can try with her. I have nothing but great things to say!" (TP)

"I really appreciate all the great and informative emails you have sent us. It is nice and refreshing, especially the info about food, weather and lodging. We are really looking forward to playing this weekend." (PK)

"I was one of the newbies yesterday, and we had a great time. Everyone was so friendly and helpful (and there were even quite a few people there I already knew from flyball). Thanks for putting on such a fantastic event!" (DC)

"It was a fun event and you all did a great job keeping things moving! Thanks for having it!" (SB)

"Thank you so much for putting this on, this was the first frisbee event that we've ever entered and we had a great time." (JH)

"Just wanted to thank you guys again for the awesome job you guys did with the Arctic Air Games on Saturday. We had such a great time. The event went so was truly a great experience." (PS)

"Thanks all for the great time. We had loads of fun. And with the discs we got at the event we will practice in the park. Again, thanks to everyone it was super fun and relaxing." (MS)

"It was a great day and I thank you for hosting such a fun event." (LO)

"Thank you so much for the wonderful event in Saturday! We had a BLAST! Jeff and Tracy, this was one of the best run events I've been to, thank you! Even though we got out very late, it could not have run any smoother. There were over 60 teams competing in 5 events! It was awesome to see so many first timers out on the playing field. What a great way to start off the season." (KS)

"Thank you for putting on a terrific event last Saturday! There were over 60 teams from as far south as Kentucky and north as Vermont looking forward to a day of indoor disc play in the winter for our pooches! Our hosts are no strangers to many competitions throughout the northeast in 2007 and they seem to have put the best of each competition into their plan for the second Arctic Air Games. Congrats to our friends and fellow club members." (CB)

"Thank you for putting on such a great event! The event was scheduled very well. It was well run, everyone was prepared and everything started on time. I liked all 5 events. They also worked well in the space provided. Website is great, very informative. Take a deep breath and enjoy all of your hard work! You guys deserve it!" (KC)

"We had so much fun, I hope to be back again. I am excited about practicing more with our dogs to give them a chance to improve upon their amazing skills. Web site is good and informative. Great event! Thanks again." (BH)

"Thank you for a wonderful time. All summed up in Job Well Done!" (FM)

"I thought your event was excellent. It was very well organized, and well run from start to finish. I liked all the events. All in all I thought it was a great event and I am looking forward to next year! Thanks again." (ES)

"Thank you for a great event! We had a wonderful time, the venue was great, competition superb and a chance to play with my pooches in the winter...the best!" (CB)